happy new year
we are no longer "2008 and feelin' great"
but now "2009 and feelin' fine"

i'm sorry, that was just terrible
but that didn't stop me from saying that all yesterday along with "happy poo year"

another year, another adventure, another drink... another regretful night

hey so i just came back from woodford folk festival yesterday
it was really fucking good
and really fucking hot
so hot i threw a tantrum when we ran out of water and resorted to drink passion pop
"it was the only liquid substance on site"

nasty stuff

anyway rachael is yet to come back from woodford.. she should be back today
charlotte is still in switzerland
bette is in asia.. somewhere?
and emily finally got an internet connection

at the moment half of us are eagerly awaiting our uni offers and bidding our time until uni starts

hmm i'm not sure what the point of this post was
but happy new year