full of festival sluts and 40 year old women in matching costumes
(capes, nurse outfits and gumboots)
BIG DAY OUT 09 was a day we (Rachael and Kelso... and our friend Blake)
will never forget


after the hearing the end of Sparkadia we watched Children Collide
who were great
yet during their set we were befriended by a 20 something year old harlot
who was induly intoxicated and it was only 11 am

this was the conversation that took place
her: "do you think i'm beautifulllllll, even though i'm maggoted?"
rachael: "ahhh yeah sure"
her: "you can tell me the truth you know!!"
rachael: "no, no, i am"
her: "aww, you're my HEROOOOOO" (she then proceeded to hug me)

next up
was saw a bit of Birds of Tokyo
and left sunburnt

a few minutes of The Grates

then Little Red?
the drummer was the cutest thing i have seen in my life
anyone who saw them would know

who were american? what the fuck, i really thought they were australian
(or at least new zealand)
they were good and danceable

after Black Kids, a few minutes of Died Pretty and Lupe
who were really gr888888

we then watched My Morning Jacket
who were excellent and the singer wore a cape
a clear win in our books

then came Cut Copy
we were pushed to the front by ravers and metros
we were crushed
and raped
Cut Copy were okay
it sounded like Triple J was just being played through the speakers though
but it was fun

then quick sticks to Arctic Monkeys
who were really good actually (even we couldn't deny that)
alex's accent charming all girls and some men

and then finally NEIL YOUNG
this for me was the highlight
(that and finding a drink ticket on the ground)
i don't want to sound lame.. but it was "magical"
that old man can really play

unfortunately due to certain circumstances
(tired legs and public transport)
we were unable to smack our bitches up and see The Prodigy


we would have photos up here
except we are STUPID and only had one disposable camera between us three
the flash didn't work
so half the photos are blurry smudges of shit
perhaps i can salvage some of them
i doubt it