once again, words can not describe how thankful we are

yet they will have to do, and we have a long list of people to thank:

everyone who bought a $5 cat from danny (thanks so much, he made a lot of money and was very happy.. which coincidentally made us happy, so thank you), matt rabbidge, everyone who helped set up and clean up afterwards, Genevieve for being a door bitch, and all the other girls for being door bitches, Red Bull for giving us lots of free drinks and "energy hits" (thanks to whoever actually made them come... as I don't know how they got my number), thanks for all the bands who played (seriously "we could not have done it without you".. no really we couldn't), thank you to all the artists and photographers that exhibited their AMAZING work, thank you to adelaide for painting people's faces and for providing the canvas which ended up being covered in dick and balls and other such profanities (and which now resides in my room, thank you) thanks jordan for letting us use your ipod because the dj was sick, thanks to Fourthousand.com.au, thank you THRASHINGTEENS.TV !!!, thanks to everyone who bought our merchandise/donated (sorry we didn't make more bags), thank you to everyone's kind words and support (as lame as that sounds), thank you to the people who came incredibly late but still made it (eventually) and yeah just thank you everyone for coming!

it was a big turn out, and heaps swell

please tell us if you actually like our fourth issue! as that was the point of the launch

anyway, i have lots and lots of photos on my camera to sort through, and heaps of other people will be uploading some soon

stay tuned