our new best friends (too soon guys?) from http://thrashingteens.tv/ have just chucked up a review of our launch party/issue four

BAT FACT: Most bats only give birth to 1 pup per year, making them very vulnerable to extinction.

This useless fact certainly doesn't apply to the girls behind BATS Magazine, who just popped out their 4th epic love-child in 8 months. And the girls don't just stop at putting utterly hilarious words to paper, neigh! To coincide with the release of the new issue, they decided to throw an all ages launch party, which we at Thrashingteens dubbed 'indie kindy'. Now we aren't overly old (just scrapping in on the 'teens' nomenclature) but we felt like fucking dinosaurs. We may as well have rocked up with portable I.V drips and zimmer frames... But the kids were fucking ruling. Dude when I was 16 I was shit. I can't remeber what I did back then but it sure as fuck didn't contain running a magazine and throwing sweet-ass parties.

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here are two photos of us being interviewed by the cool dudes
(we annoyed them made them delete heaps because we are very fussy.. and for that we are very sorry)

anyway be sure to stay tuned to these thrashers with an incredibly killer taste in music
let their blog be your bible as to what music you should listen to and what gigs you should go to and all other things cool and dope
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