the lovely Kathlenn has done a writeup on our launch party on the 4zzz blog

click here to read it

this is officially the first time I've been quoted too

so here is a quote of the quote of me from the post:

"Going from 12 until 5pm, the party is celebrating the release of their Nightmare issue with some good old fashioned fun, including an art and photography exhibition and performances from Idle Cranes, Last Dinosaurs, Comic Sans (the band not the font), Teleprompter and We Were Arks, as well as the Wolfgang DJ’s. If this isn’t enough for you, there’ll also be fairy lights, Bewitched and the opportunity to have your photo taken with Harry Potter (or his cardboard twin at least). If the thought of a statuesque 2D version of HP has you a little bit concerned, one of the BATS Kelsey reassuringly says, “It’s our party… so people can’t judge us.”

ahahaha oh dear, this isn't going to look good on my resume