i think we are all dead after a weekend including of:
avaberee's ep launch, curvy book launch, charlotte's grandmother's 80th (it was raging), FANS/fire, santa! rosa, fire!/tom ugly/velociraptor, K CLUB/dj kaos/canyons, LICK IT/horsemeat/van she tech, abbey medievial tournament (lol), personal endevours and a few underaged parties sprinkled here and there.

knowing our luck - that and the fact we never bother to bring cameras with us
there aren't any photos.. unless some on our disposable camera w/ broken flash turn out (unlikely)

two of us return back to school this week
and suprisingly after so many weeks of holidays we only managed to get together (all 5 of us) once for a meeting (aka binge eating at hungry jacks and getting sidetracked by the thought of a trip to melbourne)

we're not going to lie.. we have done NOTHING for the next issue
but it is happening.. we swear. we even decided on a theme: "the icon issue"

you can help us by sending us letters to the editors at batsmagazine@live.com.au
and by following our blog and responding to our many, many call outs

anyway we hope you all have enjoyed/enjoying your holidays

until our next post,



p.s. just found some photos of medieval tournament on facebook
does anyone use myspace anymore? anyone?