IRENA is a local Queensland designer - and fuck, she's good.

And she's launching her 'SEX AND LANDSCAPES' collection this Thursday at 6pm at NINELIVES.

Check the poster below for details.

For a sneak peak of the collection that we've personally been frothing over:

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We interviewed IRENA in the lead up to her launch to find out what the hell is going on and how she managed to do it:

Where do you come from?

Technically Bosnia but I grew up in New Zealand. I’ve been in Brisbane though for the last 3 years.

When was 'Irena' born and how was she conceived?

It was all something that started at the beginning of this year as an assignment I guess, 

when I started my Advanced Diploma at AICD in the Gold Coast. So I’ve pretty much 

been working on it all year. Designing is something I’ve wanted to do for a very, 

very long time, and it took me a few goes before I found the direction I wanted to go in.

Why "Sex and Landscapes"? Why not?

I really do wish I had a more interesting answer for this one! It’s actually named after 

one of Helmut Newton’s exhibitions. This famous photographer was a major influence 

whilst designing this range.

What were the inspirations behind this collection?

I took a lot of inspiration from black & white movies, 1950’s glamour, love stories & old 

fashioned romance. And like I mentioned above, Helmut Newton. I especially loved 

his focus on the female figure.

How did you manage to do the collection?

A shit load of hard work! (sorry)

The ones who know me know just how disorganised I am, I’ve made a lot of mistakes 

along the way and I’d like to think I’ve learnt from them. I’m already thinking about 

my next range though!

Who would you like to see wearing your clothes?

Babes. I realise that some of my designs won’t necessarily suite all shapes & sizes 

(and this is the main thing I will be working on for next time) but confidence is the 

key & a confident person call pull almost anything off.

What can we expect at the launch?

Hmmm.. alcohol! He he. I’ll keep the rest a surprise (have already gotten this far!)

Where can our readers buy your clothes?

My website will be up and running soon, where I will have an online shop set up. 

The launch will actually be the first time anyone can place any orders & all enquiries 

made on the night will be receiving discounts for first purchases. Hopefully I will be able 

to announce some retail stockists soon!

In the meantime, you can follow our blog -

This will be updated regularly & I do want to keep it quite personal and interactive with 

customers & fans, so any feedback or comments are always appreciated.

Hope to see you all at the launch. Make sure you come & say ‘hi’! 

X irena

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