Last weekend brought to town our favourite family friend Splendour in the Grass.
I thought that, being the only batgirl in attendance, I should give some kind of splendour wrap up.

I personally had a great time, despite the disappointing line-up, but in reality I was just there for "the boiz and the atmosss".

Definite highlights were Miami Horror and Yuksek, and also Bloc party were quite good.

MGMT sucked asshole
apart from that, other lowlights included the ridiculous levels of fake tan, 128765hr long lines for everything, and the tent which was misleadingly named "the chill out zone" (that was actually only for people who had ODed), and the disturbing number of midgets.

I wish I could show you photos, but most of them are either hideous or too much along the lines of "me In ThA MOSH 4 Hiltop Hoodz!!"

goodnight and goodluck?

and maybe I'll see you all at splendour next year