Lately, Brisbane has been hit by a wild tornado of new club nights and events, and you may have been finding yourself with a lot more to choose from (unless you have a monobrow and have coincidentally been left out of the loop). I know I've been certainly resenting each new event invitation I receive on facebook, but certainly not one from Turpentine, who have teamed up with Pistol Whipped to create a new night under the name: Glassghost. (I'll never know the meaning behind it, and I'd like it to stay that way)

This event will cover all aspects of media - music, art, fashion and print. And best of all - it's FREE.

Turpentine will be running a fashion parade - so there is already a head's up on eye candy. As well as live art from Coco, Sarah Field and Rhiannon Mallet.

Plus we will be having our issue five available on site - so here's another chance for you to grab our new issue (for free and as a hard copy)

Check the poster below for details
and click here to RSVP to the facebook event