We are back again to recruit you all to:
FASTER PUSSYCAT! The Secret Vintage Sale Night 
which is on this Saturday at The Fort! With over 700 and counting RSVPs on Facebook alone, this night is set to be insanely MASSIVE. We asked the girls behind the sale night some questions about what's in store for Saturday and why acid wash is better than an acid trip.

What can we expect from the sale night? 
Vintage, music and art lovers can expect a truckload of vintage hand picked right in our backyard in Brisbane as well as Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, London, LA and New York. The Secret Vintage Sale plays host to all girl DJ's Cat Kid and Frankie Trouble mixing 60s beats and hip hop vixen tricks, a limited edition Faster Pussycat zine filled with interviews with girls who inspire us, an in depth look in to the porn industry and history, fashion shoots as well as art from the famed Versus Show III - and much, much more. Oh and there is no cover charge.

Are boys welcome too? 
Shit yes. Although this is an all girl run event, we have a plethora of vintage for boys.

What kinda price range are we lookin' at? 
That's the best thing about The Secret Vintage Sale - we're not going to rape your wallets like some vintage events and stores do. We have vintage from $5 right up to $150 for the more special pieces. We want everyone to be able to buy something and walk out with a fuzzy feeling in their dresses and pants knowing they have just purchased something that has been hand picked and hasn’t arrived from the US in a big, lucky dip cardboard box.

Is vintage really just another word for second hand? 
No, we don’t think so. Vintage is very different from second hand. Vintage is an item of clothing or furniture from a decade that is at least 20 to 30 years old, at least. Second hand clothing or furniture is not as old and for example is a garbage bag full of clothes you don’t want anymore (think esprit shorts, country road shirts, Sportsgirl dresses and supre singlets) which you donate to St Vinnies. Vintage and second hand can also mean different things to the individual person and it some areas it can go hand in hand also. Are we speaking Chinese?

Vinnies or Lifeline? Neither. Endo’s is the best.
Sequins or Beads? How dare you make us choose!
Shoulder Pads or Ruffles? Fuck you make it hard don’t you. Sorry to disappoint but both. Together.
Acid Wash or an actual Acid Trip? Haha acid wash, you can actually keep the memories.

What are some clothes/fashion trends of the past that should never make a reappearance? Hawaiin shirts, anything corduroy, suede pants, peddle pushers, maroon turtlenecks and a shitload more…

On a scale of 1 to 5, How "secret" is this "Secret Vintage Sale Night" really? 
1 and 5, it depends if you know about it or not.

You have over 600 RSVPs on your Facebook event, Do you expect some girls (or boys) to go insane? Will there be blood, sweat and tears? 
We now have well over 700 RSVPs which is insane! Yes we expect a lot of girls and boys getting there early and lining up. Seriously. You ask anyone who shops for vintage – it’s aggressive.

And lastly, give us three reasons why this sale night will be better than a 20% off sale at City Beach?
1. You make all of your friends blood thirsty jealous with your vintage purchases from the Secret Vintage Sale Night
2. You don’t have to deal with fake tanned, bimbo sales assistants
3. You get to meet the girls behind The Secret Vintage Sale Night and pick their brains about vintage, porn and feminism without burning brascollections

For more info please visit the Faster Pussycat! blog
or check the poster below: