Last Friday, the eldest three BATS girls made a trip down to the Gold Coast for their very first visit to The Ruby Tramp - it's not like we've been avoiding it, just none of us have a car let alone their Ps so it makes things very hard.

We caught a train/bus down - which was plagued by noisy stereotypes, the distinct smell and sound of someone sniffing paint and three annoying 9 year old "fly boys" who played rave music off their mobile phones and wore their caps backwards.

We arrived at Surfers Paradise, and were happy that we had avoided the chaos that is Schoolies. We then headed over to The Ruby Tramp to decorate our toilet party, getting to work by cutting out an assembly of penises from different pieces of coloured cardboard.

Come 9pm, the party had started, as everyone rushed to the downstairs bar for free vodka til 10 pm - the hour of power. The night saw an array of great DJs that got the incredibly small dancefloor pumping. Disappointed however at the lack of "gay" attire. One man illustrated this by bluntly saying to me "You look different, different to everyone else here" - well look mate, this is a queer night what did you expect?

But soon, any moments of fun were soon forgotten as we realised to had to stay at Surfers for at least another 6 more hours to catch the train back home. With no place to stay and little to no money on our hands, we travelled to and from the beach, hungry jacks and desperately wanted to sleep but just couldn't. At 5 am, we were still hanging tight at The Ruby Tramp, watching half a dozen or so freaks who were still dancing, how they did it? We'll never know.

Thank you K CLUB / GAY BASH for having us. 

p.s. what is with Surfers and televisions? In every venue we entered there were so many.

Here are a few photos taken by Rachael