This sunday sees the launch of an A4 glossy magazine by the name of HELL YEAH!
Hell Yeah promises to deliver a unique magazine devoted to street culture, in particular; music, art, fashion and interviews with cats from all over the world, whilst being 100% stilleto and anorexic model free. We hope they can stick to that promise.

HELL YEAH! will be launching this sunday at The Fort with an awesome 80s NYE SUMMER theme. The launch will consist of DJs, live graffiti, hot dogs, watermelon, a swimming pool, plus heaps of prizes to be won from Gear, Fuct, Rockers, Rockwell, Ontour, Laced, Yours Truly, Grand Scheme, Sleepless Knights and Hydrofunk.

And best of all, FREE BEER from VB Raw from 3 - 5 pm!!! So get there early.

All for just $10 entry.

Come along and grab the first issue of HELL YEAH! and keep the magazine going, show your support for Brisbane culture.

Thanks to the cool kids at HELL YEAH! We have a double pass + prize pack to giveaway!
This includes tickets for you and your friend to the HELL YEAH! magazine launch + hell yeah magazine, sleepless knights magazine, a sticker pack and a packet of authentic old school ' YO! MTV Raps' cards. 

- this is an 18 plus event - winners are chosen at random and will be notified by email -

In the meantime, check out the HELL YEAH! blog