Tom Hall and Ian Rogers, the two boys/men/BOYZ II MEN behind AXXONN are launching their new LP 'Below The Dead Ones' next Saturday at The Step Inn with a slight small twist: their LP will be on Cassette Tapes! So here's a head start reminder to dig deep in the crevaces of your bedroom to find your old walkman or boombox, and go and get AXXONN's new LP before the world fully converts to MP3s. 

Thanks to AXXONN we have [2x] DOUBLE PASS + a copy of their brand new LP to giveaway!
To enter, simply email with the subject as "BELOW THE DEAD ONES" along with your full name. ***THIS COMPETITION HAS NOW ENDED***

Tom had some time to shed some light on their new LP and what we could expect next saturday at their launch...

What were the reasons behind putting your LP on cassette tapes? I know my walkman is long gone...
Cassettes are beautiful objects; I loved them a lot when I was younger and still do with the memories still being fond and vivid. Back in 1989 I got a Walkman and ‘Smash Hits ‘89’ on Cassette, on it was the Mötley Crüe single ‘Dr. Feelgood’ I listened to that endlessly, re-winding and listening again and again until soon after the tape was completely stuffed, since that Christmas I’ve always loved tapes and always loved Mötley Crüe so it’s only fitting that I have a few cassette released throughout my career (we’re also cheating a little as they all come with a download coupon for the mp3’s).

How will this LP compare to the one you released last year?
This Cassette is about embracing the underlying drone held within most of our tracks, teasing it out like an untamed beast whilst trying not to let it bite you and then letting it loose at the most inappropriate time through a few too many distortion pedals.

What was the recording process like for this LP? What's it like recording with
local Brisbane label Bedroom Suck Records, is it very DIY?

Basically this album came together why I (Tom) was in San Francisco over the last 4-months of last year. I had a bunch of stuff that needed to be brought together sonically, I moved in with a guy Scott Arford (a super prominent sound/video artist for like the last 20 years) who had the most amazing studio chocked full of insane analog gear, he threw me the keys to his studio and said take it for a drive, at first I thought I can’t touch this expensive analog hardware, but soon temptation got the better of me (and the cold weather) so I pretty much turned it all on at once (it heated the studio up considerably) and got to work making what I feel are some of my most accomplished drone orientated tracks to date.

Bedroom Suck Records, fucking awesome dudes and perfectly DIY, I am super stoked that these tracks are being put out by Joe and not some schmuck who wants to make a quick buck but someone who has a genuine passion for the sound AXXONN creates. Joe embraces everything that is awesome about DIY, the choice to make something unique and on a personal level, I’m super into this release and 110% behind Bedroom Suck Records!

What can we expect at the launch next Saturday?
A ridiculous amount of amplification, a smoke machine, a small spotlight and more distortion pedals than you could poke a stick at in Tyms Guitars. But all that aside, some big heavy euphoric sound to nod your head to…

Where can our readers get their hands on the cassette after your launch?
The best bet is to support Bedroom Suck Records direct by hitting Joe up on their myspace ( and he’ll get one to you ASAP and probably with a big smile, failing that you can go to Rocking Horse or - but definitely hit Joe up first.

What are AXXONN's plans for the rest of the year?
AXXONN has some rad international supports coming up in Brisbane with ISIS and HEALTH, both fantastic bands from Los Angeles. Then we hit Japan for a couple of festival slots in Tokyo. Mid year sees our debut full-length LP coming out in the UK so from then onwards AXXONN will be on the road with tours in the USA, EU, UK and then back to the USA. We pretty much won’t have time to breathe from July onwards. But man I will miss Brisbane…it’s the best city in the World!!

And lastly, what's it like to share your band name with one of the leading manufacturers of Patio Furniture?
As it happens I dig the shit out of patio furniture, I mean there’s been numerous BBQ’s I’ve attended where it’s become the basis for the bonfire, keeping everyone warm, why wouldn’t you be proud? I mean I wonder if they’re David Lynch fans too?!

AXXONN play The Step Inn next Saturday February 13 w/  Blank Realm, Heart Flew Like An Arrow and Per Purpose. Tickets are $5 on the door.

AXXONN will also be supporting HEALTH at The Stepp Inn on Thursday Febuary 25.