words and interview by Alice Rezende

If your ears are still whistling out the deafness from the weekend past, and your brain in due need of a musical breather (who knew brains could breathe in the first place), then look no further. Here at BATS, we have scoped out just what you need: a pair of sweet-looking faces armed with some seriously sweet-sounding melodies. Meet Jordan Wilson and Ben Riley, the tight duo behind Georgia Fair.

Sydney's freshest story of young and uninterrupted musical success (minus the Australian Idol motherly push), Georgia Fair has just released their self-titled debut EP and will be touring around Australia in November with both Kate Miller-Heidke and Whitley with their breezy folk rock goodness and impressive vocals.

Inspired by an interesting mix of cult artists (how does Fleetwood Mac and Simon & Garfunkel sound?), these two down-to-earth cute-as-hell guys gave us a minute (or two) of their time to talk about their upcoming tour, green tea and what costumes they will be wearing for Halloween.

Hey guys. What have you been up to lately?
We’ve been pretty busy playing shows, getting out there to promote our new album, all steam ahead!

Yeah, I mean your self-titled debut EP has just come out last week. How do you feel about the outcome?
It feels really refreshing I think. I mean it’s a relief to finally get it out there, you know, we have been playing together for a few years now, and to finally get our material released feels really great.

How long did it take you to settle on the material for the album?
Oh, not too long actually – we kind of just sat down in a room for a few weeks and whipped out a bunch of tracks we had for a while and then decided on a good set of seveb songs and just went from there.

You're about to tour Australia with some big names. What do you think it will be like?
I think we’re going to learn a lot, and it will definitely be a great experience, I mean some of the venues we’re going to get to play at are pretty amazing...

I heard it's a dream for you to play at Sydney's Enmore Theatre...
Yeah it is, it’s going to be pretty intense! I don’t think it’s quite sunk in yet.

But hang on. What if Kate Miller-Heidke turns out to be a real demanding diva and asks you to get her hot green tea (no sugar), PRONTO, at 12.30 a.m.? Would you do it?
(laughs) We probably would.

Hang on, hang on. But WHAT IF... what if Whitley asked you to comb his hair and give him a neck massage before each and every show...
(laughs) He’d have to ask us in a really charming way.

Fair enough. Your single 'Picture Frames' has featured in a Big M [flavoured iced milk] ad. If you could choose anything in the world to sponsor on TV next, what would it be?
Oh, man... probably green tea.

Nice! Kate would dig that.
She’d probably think we’re cool and join us.

Are you mentally and physically prepared for the teenage cult-like mass admiration you will inflict in dozens of young girl's hearts?
Unfortunately yes, I think we may just be.

Are you mentally and physically prepared for a dustorm?
Yes, I [Ben] have recently survived one and it was quite the distinct experience. So yeah, definitely ready for my next one.

‘Another one fights the dust?’
Bring it on.

Which modern music artists inspire you?
The first obvious choice would probably be Josh Pyke, he’s always influenced us with his similar minded-sound. Ted Mulry is one from a while back; he gave us the inspiration to really get out there. Also Angus & Julia Stone are quite big on me, I like them a lot.

If your individual personality was a dish (who said they aren't?), which dish would they be?
Jordan would be the menu, because he eats a lot. No, okay... Jordan’s personality is definitely some kind of spicy dish, maybe a chicken Thai green curry. I would say I am an apple crumble.

How does green curry and apple crumble go together?
It’s nice, I mean, you can start your dish with a bit of spice, have a sip of water, and finish off with the sweet apple crumble. Works really well.

You will grace us Brisbanians on a Friday 13th of November at QPAC with Kate Miller-Heidke. Do you think that is a sign of good luck?
Ah, no. I mean! We’re trying to stay positive, because I’m [Ben] really superstitious actually.

But it may be your best performance yet?
We work pretty well when we are going against the odds, so maybe?!

In a scale of 1 to 10 (where 1=shit and 10='da raddez kidz'), what would you rate the Brisbane crowd?
The kids were great the last time we played there. Although there was one guy that yelled stuff out at us, so we’re giving it a 9.

Any more awesome video clips on the horizon?
We hope so! The last one was sponsored by Sony, so hopefully we can do that again soon.

And, lastly, what are you boys dressing up as in Halloween?
I’m [Ben] dressing up as a pumpkin. Jordo doesn’t really dress up, but I’m making him put on a ghost costume/bedsheet over his head to scare off little children. If not he can go as a curry. Yeah I’ll make him wear a curry. I’ll throw one at him.

Georgia Fair's debut EP is available now at JB Hi-Fi, iTunes and Bandit.FM.

But thanks to Sony Music we have five copies of the EP to giveaway to our readers!
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