This Friday, LICK IT is turning three! and they are celebrating their birthday with a freaking massive lineup that certainly puts my last year's halloween party to shame.

With double international headliners: FEADZ (france) & FOALS DJS (uk)
plus a list of the best across the nation to support: MERCY ARMS (dj set), KNIFE MACHINE, Fashion Launches Rocket Launches (live), Jimmy 2 Sox, Last Dinosaurs (live), Tim Fuchs, Ladyboy and Charlie Why.

And if you haven't wet your pants from excitement yet (does not include if you have a weak bladder) then the promise of attendees being covered in denim surely will.

Seriously though, the theme is DOUBLE DENIM.

Early bird and 1st release tickets have sold out, but you can snatch up the 2nd release now here(oztix) or here(moshtix)
or scroll down to win some double passes....


Looking back over the past 3 years - LICK IT have done everything.
I mean theoretically speaking, if LICK IT was an actual human person at the age of three - it would constantly be shitting itself and would be barely able to talk.

We interviewed the boys behind LICK IT, to reflect on the past three years of madness, mayhem and even magic?

How was Lick It conceived? What were your humble beginnings?
On the deck with a few friends and a beer in hand. Nothing to do in little old Brisbane drove us to make our own fun...

Who is behind Lick It Media?
Originally two guys - now a gaggle of five, all playing part in some way or another.

What is it that you actually want us to lick?
How old are you?

Fast forward three years, is there anything you regret doing?
The Galvatrons.......

Who/what have been your favourite acts that you have had played?
This is hard. Best friends and great DJs - Jimmy2sox, Ladyboy and Tim Fuchs are hard to go past. As for the big names: Crystal Castles was a fun one...

Who/what has been your least favourite act that you have had played?
The Galvatrons...a slip in judgment

Are your mothers proud of you?
Not entirely sure... I suppose so... She emailed me the other day.
I think we make a lot of other peoples mothers proud.

Are your fathers proud of you?
Shit yeah.

What can we expect at your 3rd birthday party bash?
Just wait and see.
To state the obvious: 2 internationals - Uffie's x boyfriend (Feadz) - Edwin from one of the most hyped bands in the world (Foals) - Knife Machine (Jono & Pat from Lost Valentinos), bright lights, denim eye sores, acid punch drinks....

Will there be any special consideration to anyone who wears triple (if not quadruple) denim to mark the occasion?
Hexadenim is the best I’ve heard so far.....(that’s 10 I think). We have a few bottles of bubble to share for the special efforts.

If Barack Obama wanted to buy you out, would you let him?
No doubt, and move into the whitehouse, try find an intern to hook up with, and stay out of the public eye. That veggie patch Michelle started a while back needs some loving.

What would be your dream line up? And how far would you go to book it?
Madonna Vs Prince! Madonna with strap on. Prince with a whip. Far enough?

If you could turn back time, what would you do (besides kill Cher's stylist)?
Put money on an African-American to win president in the US. Surely there were some good odds there...

And finally, give us three reasons why your birthday party is going to be better than Michael Jacksons funeral?
1. No Justin Timberlake.
2. Hopefully no death.
3. More crying girls


thanks to the boys, we have THREE double passes to giveaway
to win the tickets, email with your full name, and the subject as "DOUBLE DENIM"
and tell us which denim-clad-ex-celebrity couple are pictured below: